Who holds the fort while you take a break?

Who holds the fort while you take a breakNone of us can or should work constantly without proper breaks. Not stepping away is damaging for you as an individual, as a leader and for your company. Time away allows you to step back and enjoy the clarity that comes from being outside of the business rather than within it. You also get chance to reboot and fortify yourself for what is to come. All this sounds marvellous if you have a second in command who can and does do everything that you do. But what if you haven’t?


Preparing your business to function without you

Whether you are a sole trader or part of a larger business, such as a law firm or manufacturing empire, it often feels like no-one else can do your job. The worry is that if you step away for a couple of weeks, everything is going to come crashing down. If this is the position you find yourself in, your business does not have the right processes in place. All businesses should be able to function for a time without a particular employee or leader. I can help you with this.

Setting up your processesStreamlining

I talk a lot about setting up processes, but every business should have numerous processes and workflows in place. These ensure that any member of the team can be away without deadlines being missed or the client experience lessened. Workflows are streamlined processes that run within your business. They cover all aspects of working across any niche. Just some of the processes I’ve put in place for clients relate to:

  • communication methods (within the business and with external suppliers)
  • HR processes
  • task management
  • operational procedures
  • work prioritisation and delegation flows
  • client feedback

I’ve never met a business that I couldn’t streamline. Clients have been delighted not only with the fact that they can take a break without their work-life falling about them but also that on their return, they don’t have to pick up the pieces. They often actually find that the business is working at a significantly higher level of efficiency.

Holiday or absence cover

With processes in place, it should now be easier to see how someone working within a business with numerous employees could take that two-week holiday they’ve been craving. It may seem that sole traders, those working alone in their business, might not be so lucky. Thankfully, with the right Virtual Assistant in place, time away can be achieved. A VA can step in, do what is needed and then step back out. They aren’t employees but can provide temporary cover for several business-related roles.

In summary

Jen Workman, Business OwlTaking a break from your business can help it to grow. A burnt-out leader cannot lead effectively and will often miss opportunities because they are so bogged down in their day to day responsibilities. This happens when someone doesn’t get a chance to step away and reboot. I can help you take some much-needed time away without having to worry about the business or your clients suffering in any way.

Please get in touch at jen@businessowl.co.uk or on 07970 955535 to discuss your needs and to see how I can support you to take that all-important time out.