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how a Virtual Assistant can help scale your business

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Regardless of sector, when you run a business the goal is almost always to keep moving forward and upward. This could be to increase productivity or profits or to help or support more people. How each business does this is unique to their situation but growth is a goal for all. In this blog post we show you how working with a Virtual Assistant can help scale your business and keep it moving forward.

As expert Virtual Assistants based in North Yorkshire, we work flexibility to ensure that our clients get support where it is needed and wanted most. The Business Owl Virtual Assistants have a wide range of skills and these contribute directly and indirectly to facilitating growth.

Freeing up valuable time

A Virtual Assistant brings the necessary skills to support the running of the business, so that business owners can focus on their particular specialisms within their business. This “free” time can be used to work on growth planning for the business and putting plans in motion.

Training can help promote growth

Training your employees is an important part of helping you scale up your business. Skilled workers across a business offer value and increase the level at which the organisation operates. It is also imperative to keep on top of essential accreditations and mandatory training for legal reasons. A Virtual Assistant working for your business can monitor training renewals, book new training, arrange venues, travel and more. With a Virtual Assistant in place, you will also have more time to work on your own professional development. All of this helps to push the business forward.

Expert researchers and money savers

As well as organising training, a Virtual Assistant is highly skilled at researching everything from travel plans to obtaining quotes for materials, contractors and more. Whatever your business needs, an experienced Virtual Assistant will be able to research, find and price up for you. Having support with this kind of task can be a great way to save your organisation money as well as time. Money and time are valuable resources to a business owner and what a Virtual Assistant can save you, can be used to fund business scale up efforts.

Virtual Assistants run their own business too

As Virtual Assistants are usually self-employed, they are experienced in running their own business.  This means that from the start they already have a number of business-related skills and knowledge about what is important in a business. Clients are often surprised by how a Virtual Assistant is able to hit the ground running in this regard.

Examples of what a Virtual Assistant already does for themselves or are skilled in includes (but is not limited to):

  • Enhanced time management skills
  • Streamlining policies
  • Compliance requirements
  • Experience in working with multiple deadlines
  • Using a range of recognised or business-specific professional tools (software)
  • Working independently and with others

There are so many skills a Virtual Assistant will have acquired while running their own business, which can be used to benefit the businesses that they support. This support can take the form of saving money, streamlining processes and ultimately, contributing to growth.

We see everything in an unbiased way

One of the many benefits of having a Virtual Assistant working with you is that a VA can offer an overview of the whole business from an outside and unbiased viewpoint. This can be extremely useful to our clients who often ask for opinions. It’s also handy to have an external party to make sure everybody is doing what they should be. This can mean holding staff to account but also managers and business owners. Having a highly skilled VA on board is an excellent resource when looking to scale up your business.

Jen Workman, Business Owl Founder and Virtual Assistant

In summary

Growth is an important part of running a business. If your enterprise doesn’t move forward, it may get “stuck” where it is. A Business Owl Virtual Assistant offers professional expertise in supporting a business in any way needed to help it reach its goals. Speak to us about your business needs.

This article was written by Jen Workman, VA and Founder of Business Owl. We are expert Virtual Assistants based in North Yorkshire. We support the legal sector, small businesses and entrepreneurs nationally. To discuss how we can provide flexible VA support for your business get in touch with us for a complimentary chat at 07970 955535 or jen@businessowl.co.uk.