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how a Virtual Assistant maintains confidentiality and safeguards your privacy

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to streamline your business and maintain or regain work-life balance is a very wise choice. A VA can be a key player in all businesses, from smaller enterprises to large corporations. Many business owners are keen to enjoy the benefits but may want to understand how a Virtual Assistant maintains confidentiality and safeguards your privacy.

As expert Virtual Assistants based in North Yorkshire, we have numerous years of experience behind us. We have worked across a wide range of industries, not least the legal sector, where confidentiality is essential. We offer peace of mind so that you can focus on what you need to achieve within your business.

Choosing the right Virtual Assistant

When hiring a new employee you ask them questions, you check their references and you do your due diligence. When taking on a Virtual Assistant the process should be similar. Be comfortable from the beginning that the person you have chosen is the right fit. By choosing a reputable VA with experience in handling sensitive business information you will be confident in their ability to safeguard your business interests and private data.

I have built Business Owl on a foundation of trust, professionalism and respect. Having worked within the legal sector for many years I have a very keen understanding of the need for confidentiality. All members of my team are experienced in following in-house safeguarding and confidentiality processes as well as industry and legally required best practices.

Maintaining privacy is an integral part of the service we offer. We are registered with the ICO and provide all clients with our data protection policies at the outset. For the relationship to be beneficial, a business owner must be able to trust their VA implicitly which is why we are happy to share numerous testimonials from clients who have been very satisfied with our service and our respect for confidentiality.

Communication is essential

First and foremost, being able to communicate effectively with your VA will help to eliminate your concerns. Be clear on your expectations. When asked, the right VA will be able to communicate a crystal clear understanding of GDPR requirements and answer questions about how they will safeguard your data and your business information.

Develop clear policies and boundaries

When working with a VA for the first time or a ‘new to you’ VA, it is sensible to develop clear policies and put boundaries in place. Ensure that the VA has access to your existing policies and any additional requirements or restrictions pertinent to their role. Some clients place password security on anything out of bounds, restrict account access and put spending limits into place where purchasing tasks are required. When working with a reputable and experienced VA these extra restrictions are rarely required, however, if this is policy, they would be happy to abide by this. Remember that all reputable Virtual Assistants will also be prepared to sign an NDA if required.

In summary

Your customers, clients or service users expect a high level of professionalism from you and expect without exception that their data will be properly handled. You should have the same expectation of confidentiality and service from the Virtual Assistant you hire. Remember that working with a VA should solve problems and save time, so by taking the time initially to choose the right VA you will enjoy all the benefits this type of personalised business support offers you and your enterprise.

The Business Owl team prides itself on offering an unbeatable service and Founder Jen Workman has just been announced as North East England VA of the Year 2021. Our business is based on trust and respect. The fact that we continue to grow and that that we are regularly recommended is a great indicator of how proficient we are in safeguarding information and maintaining confidentiality.

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Jen Workman, Virtual AssistantThis article was written by Jen Workman, VA and Founder of Business Owl. We are expert Virtual Assistants based in North Yorkshire. We support the legal sector, small businesses and entrepreneurs nationally. To discuss how we can provide bespoke support for you and your business, please contact us for a complimentary chat on 07970 955535 or at jen@businessowl.co.uk.