Simplicity in business

Simplicity in businessBusiness can be complex, with owners and managers stretched by the everyday running of the business, staff management, training and development, growth, marketing and more.

Time management clearly must play a part in ensuring that spinning plates aren’t dropped but what if there was another way? Promoting simplicity in business saves time, energy and resources. There are no downsides.

What is simplicity in businesses

Simplicity in business is a case of streamlining processes and creating systems in order to promote effective time management, reduce waste and ensure an altogether better way of working.

The benefits of adopting better task management and processes

A happy side-effect of outsourcing tasks and creating systems that promote productivity is a better work-life balance for management and employees. Think about a tidy room. When there is a place for everything, everything is labelled, everyone knows where things belong and time is scheduled for a regular tidy up, the mess in that office never gets out of hand.

The same applies to a business, particularly larger enterprises. If no one has to stay late or waste precious working time on chasing information, finding items or “tidying up” they can be more productive and leave the office on time. This contributes to the wellbeing of employees while saving money or even in some cases increasing profits.

What does simplifying your workload look like

As a Virtual Assistant working with many different businesses, including those in the legal sector, I am highly experienced in creating systems and processes which reduce or eliminate waste. Smaller examples might include a better diary system or information storage process. Larger tasks might look like a complete overhaul of the communication processes within the business. I explain this in more detail in a previous article.

I use many years of wisdom and tried and tested methods to promote minimalism where necessary, not only creating systems but ensuring these new processes are specific to the business in question. I find that the best systems are those which anyone can learn and use with ease.

The ROI of simplifying your business

Consider the cost of hiring a qualified VA to overhaul your systems versus the costs incurred in everything from lost time, waste, the mental health of management and employees and more. It becomes clear which offers the best return on investment for the short, mid and long term.

In summary

Whether you are looking to simplify or encourage minimalism in your business, the creation, deployment, review and tweak of systems is the way forward.

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