Owlet – £350

Popular with entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to trial working with a Virtual Assistant or are new to delegating. We get used to working together for 10 hours […]

Spread your wings – £875

Has your business outgrown you? When focused in the right way, an injection of 25 hours of support per month can make a real difference to your business. Whether freeing […]

Soar high – £1,400

Are you a busy Executive in need of a right-hand person (or award-winning Virtual Assistant!) to partner you for 40 hours per month? Support can be at a strategic level […]


Although this is the time to plan ahead, by taking a step back and evaluating the way your business operates as a whole, there is an opportunity to make it […]

Go Digital

Like it or not, many digital aspects of the ‘new normal’ are here to stay. We support you by implementing new processes and procedures – setting up Skype or Zoom […]

An extra pair of hands

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We take responsibility for specific key tasks, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to budget. Or we can support […]

The Legal Sector

We enable you to maximise the time you spend on chargeable work. Thanks to Legal Executive qualifications and 10 years’ experience working in private practice, we hit the ground running […]

Professionals & Small Businesses

As your business grows you find you can’t manage everything alone. Enter the Virtual Assistant! Whether you struggle keeping on top of your inbox, or responding to customer enquiries, we […]

Specific Projects

Whether you recognise them as projects or just ‘tasks you need to get done’, they take you away from doing what you do best – running your business-as-usual activities. We […]

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