Meet the Client – Mosaic Legal

Case Study from Mosaic MA

We are five legal and financial specialists in professional practices.  In addition to running our own practices, we have combined forces to create a joint venture facilitating mergers, acquisitions and restructuring for law firms.

The problem

Since forming our joint venture we have had several brainstorming sessions, enthusiastically coming up with lots of ideas for driving the venture forward, although we have found it difficult to action our ideas because:

(a)  We all have many demands on our time;

(b)  The five of us are located in different parts of the country which makes regular meet-ups difficult;

(c)  Nobody is ‘in charge’ on a day to day basis and as a result, nobody holds any of us to account for the tasks we promise each other we will complete;

(d)  In other words we needed somebody to “nag” us!

We decided to look for a Virtual Assistant to help us.  We were delighted to discover Jen and the services she offers through Business Owl.  We immediately found her to be personable and easy to get on with, yet business-like and focused.  We were also drawn to Jen because of her legal qualifications and experience of working in private practice.

The process 

Once we had brought Jen up to speed on the background of our business and what we want to achieve, we relayed the contents of our various brainstorming sessions to her.  Her initial task was to digest our wish list and present us with her suggestions for moving the work forward.

Jen did this articulately and methodically and divided the tasks into phase 1 and phase 2.  Jen identified that phase 1 should be centred around bringing our WordPress website up-to-date, setting up Google Analytics and linking up our various social media platforms.  Phase 2 would then focus on driving more traffic to the website through various means. 

Jen also diplomatically advised us on what she needed from us to enable her to complete the work.  We were given accurate timescales and costings from the outset.

The result 

Although we believed that an extra pair of hands would make a difference to our business, our expectations have been exceeded in the following ways:

(a)  We have been able to hand tasks over to Jen in full confidence that they will be done efficiently and to a high standard;

(b)  We feel assured of Jen’s professional judgement – she takes the initiative and works independently for the majority of the time, yet occasionally refers back to us to have the final say when needed;

(c)  Jen applies “gentle but persistent pressure” to hold us to account. We know that tasks which would still be on our to-do list are being actionned, which in turn is driving our business forward in a way that we couldn’t manage alongside our other commitments;

(d)  All of this has been achieved virtually, with excellent lines of communication throughout – Skype, and more recently Teams, have proved very useful!

We have already agreed to continue using Jen’s services on a regular basis to keep the momentum of our joint venture driving forward.  We have also involved Jen in another project where her administrative and organisational skills are being put to good use, and we have recommended her to another contact in the legal sector.  We highly recommend Jen and are pleased to support her in her business endeavours, just as she is supporting us in ours.  A great find!

By Howard Hackney on behalf of Mosaic MA